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Adventures in Integrative Learning - An Introduction

Tells WHY and shows HOW to connect multiple subjects to promote both whole child and accelerated academic learning with A/V platforms called video songs.

multi-sensory learning for the primary grades

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Children acquire and retain more information when emotional and physical expression are included in the learning process. They discover how to practice essential skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, following directions, and cooperative efforts when engaged in experiential study that connects content to real life circumstances.

Teachers and students deserve support materials that provide innovative modes of instruction. The challenge is how to communicate these “new” ways of doing things through “old” information channels. This book aims to explain why a more consistent and reliable form of content presentation is essential for today’s classroom. Blogging is the new river for transmitting this kind of information.

The book is presented through the blog and serves to explain the value of the process of integrated learning by providing notable research findings and outcomes by leaders in the fields of neuro psychology, educational theory, and the behavior sciences. It is intended to provide support for those educators who are both courageous and willing to experiment with this innovative structure for the classroom. It is hoped that you will join in the dialogue and contribute to the future for education through sharing your experiences and creativity with all who are interested in the future for our children and their development. Hopefully we will be able to promote awareness for the value of multi-sensory input and interactive learning for all students and abilities.

You will be invited to read true stories of how students in an after-school program responded to the evolution of the video songs as their learning structures and guides. You will also read how these students from the “under-served” part of the community came to gain renewed enthusiasm and hope for their identity and achievement.

Learning is life long. It is ultimately what allows you to participate in meaningful relationships in school and community. It is vital. It is essential. Let’s work together to make it enjoyable!

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is a testament and guide for the leaders who determine the goals and design of educational curriculum and settings. It is directed to the primary grades, 1 - 4, but contains information that is important to the assimilation of knowledge at all levels. Integrated learning is a fulfilling way to connect mind, body, and
spirit as it applies to meeting the needs of the whole child, the special child, the typical child, the child of the world as well as the world of the child. It is based on the idea that you begin at the level of understanding the learner demonstrates and move on at an appropriate pace to appreciate the greatest accomplishment for
all concerned.

This book is for administrators who are searching for an approach to classroom organization and management that meets the demands of all concerned. It is also for independent teachers who are searching for support materials that promote social skill development along with the required academic content.

Learning is fun if we allow for playtime within the process. Using audio-visual platforms to set the scene and establish the story-line, characters, and challenges of the activity allows for freedom for the teacher to step back and observe the students as to how they perceive and interpret information. This change of position
is compared to that of a mentor or coach and permits the teacher to gain invaluable knowledge about individual students and their unique talents and personalities.

The Book Format:


Part I

Chapter 1. Out Of The Box for Innovation
Chapter 2. Readiness
Chapter 3. The Whole Child
Chapter 4. The Special Child
Chapter 5. Multi-Sensory Input
Chapter 6. Resonance
Chapter 7. Implementation
Chapter 8. Socialization
Chapter 9. Integrative Learning
Chapter 10. Impetus for the Future

Part II

Suggested Lesson Plans and Activities for The Blue Alligator Blues and Other Video Songs for Integrative Learning. (DVD available at web site)

Stormy Weather
When Cats Get Up in the Morning
Engine Engine Number Nine
The Blue Alligator Blues
When Cats Get Up - Jungle Version
The Teddy Bear Circus
Bow Wow Wow

The companion web site at provides ongoing developments, pictures, video clips, demonstration classes, and store for the video songs which can be downloaded individually or ordered in the DVD. Since these short videos are meant for presentation purposes there is no related training program for teachers. It is understood that each teacher will create and adapt their individual related learning projects to their unique environment.

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