Thursday, March 13, 2014

An Innovative Breakthrough in Instructional Media!

An Audio visual presentation (DVD) that promotes expression through interactive and multi-sensory songs and games for the Primary Grades.

Carefully orchestrated background music sets the mood, directs the activity, and is designed to evoke a kinesthetic response from the students.  Cross curricular activities are easily connected to the stories and content presented in each video song.  Students of diverse learning abilities and ages can participate at relative levels of interaction and skill development as students are guided to take turns, play roles, assume leadership positions, and follow directions.
These innovative stories can be implemented into any educational program and provide a background for infusing the arts and humanities with rigorous skill development in basic disciplines.  Retelling and reenactment of the stories can serve as a base on which educational standards may be applied.  The video songs provide connecting opportunities for analytical and gestalt brain processing while children play and express emotions in a purposeful manner. 

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